I can’t begin to describe what my wife, Louise, calls a “flood of memories”. DAMN!!

I have a gig this afternoon so won’t write much, just what I remember off the bat:

There IS a story behind that tux. We’ll do that later.

The story behind the car is… A dear friend, Ron LaSalle of North Babylon (my home and my kinda town) lived one block over. We met when I was about 13. He gave me odd jobs around his parent’s home in which he lived at the time. Lawn mowing, raking, and when I had proven my worth, he let me help him do what is now called “Detailing” his 1964 Corvette 327cu in 350 HP, black soft top with a hard top option for the winter. The car you are about to see (I am shaking and sweating as I write this) is from 2 photos recently unearthed by my crazy brother Scott, who was known as Cozmo at the time. MORE on that too… Later.

Anyway, this car was Ron’s “new car” in 1969/70 and it’s a 1967 with a BEAST of a 427 with 450 horsepower. I promised Ron I would never get on it and he has never heard this story but the night of that prom a guy named Gerry something or another who had a “hot rod” Chevy Nova (Spanish for “No Go”) wanted to race me from a light on Montauk Hwy at which we happened to be next to each other. I never got past 60mph (right after I shifted into 2nd friggin gear) as Gerry was so far behind me in his Snack ‘O Dust, I just eased off the throttle and headed off to make out with my date. I will remember her name but right now all I can tell you is she was the principal violinist in my HS orchestra. Great hair.

Are you ready?

YOU ARE NOT! Pour yourself a Boone’s Farm Apple and slip into your best double knit slacks…

Ready now…

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