Guild AO-3 CE

When this guitar was setup, a file was taken straight across the top of the saddle. I wouldn’t know if this was to lower the action or to “take the edge off” the top of the saddle. The problem is that there needs to be a “point” at which the string rests, NOT a “shelf” upon which the string can “buzz” against. (BTW, this is how the Coral Sitar Guitar got its sound, a flat rosewood saddle which ALLOWED the strings to buzz.)

Guild Buzz

Guild Fix

Sample of Coral Sitar Guitar (NOT desirable in a 6 string acoustic guitar)

Click on song title to listen to mp3:  cry like a baby

Here are before shots that depicts the flat (factory) saddle (pics 1 and 2) and corrected (pics 3 and 4) at the E1 and E6:

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