Bigsby Photos

Haven’t figured out why yet, but if you double click on the photos, they won’t be distorted. I will figure it out when I have time. Ha!

The is a fiber washer between the stud/arm and the vibrato main assembly:

The stud passes through the main assembly and is secured with

  1. A spring
  2. A small washer
  3. An “aircraft” or “nylon locking nut”

The nut should be just tight enough to allow smooth movement of the arm without “slop”

If any of those are missing, you are going to have problems. The amount of engagement of the locking nut is as my factory sample was received by me. No further adjustments have been made.

The next photo shows how it should look from the bottom of the assembly:

Finally, where the large spring sits on the assembly on the face of the guitar, there should be a large nylon washer (the size of the spring).

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