Nothing To Say

Nothing To Say

Words and Music Todd L. McCagg 2006

Word of Caution: This is an AAC file, aka m4a file. If you have any trouble playing it, please let me know. I would prefer AAC’s as they are sonically superior to mp3’s but I realize that I might be a little early in the adoption process. If this continues to be an issue, I will post BOTH formats in the future.

I wrote this for Louise. It’s about me never wanting to spend much time on the phone, thus “nothing to say”. But I, and all of you guys out there with great ladies, have to say, before you hang up, you have to say “it”… I Love You. This was the first song that I wrote since I wrote what I to believe my only “original” song back in oh… 1969 or so. I was alway busy playing other people’s music that I never had much time for original work. At the time I was doing a lot of recording work with my good friend and musical compatriot, the Good Doctor, Dr. Stephen Lay. Stephen is the Music Director of our church and it has been my honor to work with him. That’s him on the virtual Steel Drum Solo. Guitar solo, again, is by brother Scott. I did all of the other instruments, lead and backing vocals, and drum loop editing.



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