The Dimensions

Look what my brother Scott found!!! Unemployment has its rewards. Like cleaning out boxes in the basement. The smear on the photo, I believe, is from the ORIGINAL Polaroid film that came with a sponge like device that applied a varnish/lacquer goop to preserve the photos (loved huffing that stuff!!). If I may review here…

The surf looking dude is wearing WHITE SOCKS WITH MOC’s (fashion faux pas or en vogue?) and a MADRAS shirt! Sporting a Red Hagstrom II and STILL has the original trem arm!
The Dion DiMucci (if you have to ask you are too damn young to be on this page anyway, but… Google it) ¬†looking guy is wearing a Hanes “muscle shirt” and also sporting an ACE** “Hootenanny Strap”. Featuring an ORIGINAL 1965 Jaguar. DITTO original trem arm AND… Fully Intact Fender “Mute” (think of Mrs. Brown-You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter). WOW!
**The “Ace” strap wasn’t really an Ace but a “Tone King” which was a flat out COPY of the Ace and was made in Wyandanch LI NY. The coolest thing about these straps is that the black vinyl backing would leech into the lacquer on certain instruments (notably Gibson and Martin guitars of that era) and turn it into chewing gum.
The chubby bass guy (I guess my weight always was a problem) sporting Paisley (which you just don’t see enough of these days) and an ORANGE Egmond Bass from Holland! If you are old enough, you will recognize the strap. The cheapest thing you could buy. Had a leather pad backed with white felt. Mfr’d by a company in Brooklyn that made accordion straps! BTW I actually OWN an Egmond Bass (not my original, sadly) which is in my office and I have recorded with once or twice! I bought my 1965 Jazz Bass shortly after this picture was taken.
Taken by Scott aka Cozmo at 92 Seley Dr, and hey… aren’t those original Levitt Asbestos shingles???

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