The Surprise Band

We couldn’t come up with a name, thus “The Surprise Band”. Mike Zeffiro (who passed away last year) on VISTALITE Drums baby!, Kevin Byrne on guitar and vocals, Fred Sylvester on Hammond B3 and TWO Leslie cabs, and that IS me on bass, a 1971 P in Olympic White. HOWEVER, I can’t really explain away my double knit pants, other than… OK, I CANNOT explain the double knit pants. They were double knit for “comfort” but as I recall, there is NO product made that will keep you as warm and sweaty in this millennium!

There are some other photos of The Surprise Band that I have around the house somewhere that I will try to dig up. NOW… If anyone has McFred Photos, that’s the stuff web pages are made of!?

Here ya go:

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