Pickerel 030112 Update

OK, I could NOT resist. Temps went up to 64 yesterday on the Eastern Shore of MD and I had to yak it alone (my buddy Pat had to work, bummer).

We did have over an inch of rain in Ellicott City and not sure about E. Shore but we are talking Nestle’s Choco Milk in terms of water clarity. Things changed up considerably from our last visit of only a week ago. Last week the retrieve was s-l-o-w but this week was more like drift to where you want the fly and then STOP. After the first hour I only had one hit and one slam and semi-long line release on a very angry Pickerel that looked to be 16+”.

After a couple of hours of this Mr. Sandman, I decided to kayak up into the cedar swamp (this was not all that accessible last time, but the rain allowed me all the way up into the feeder creek) to take in the sights. Beautiful sights they were as only a kayak can provide, due to it’s extremely shallow draft, even with me at the paddle.

On the way back to the put-in, I ran into a couple of guys in a John Boat with a 90HP engine. Overkill for a 20 acre impoundment, but they were on the trolling motor so the serenity was preserved (along with my sanity). They told me the only fish they caught was ONE in a cove right near the put-in. Great, and I am paddling all over creation!

I headed to said cove and did see some fish working. Caught 1 pickerel near the mouth and then headed into what was VERY shallow last week. I spied a culvert under the road which drained into this cove (from the swamp on the other side). I LOVE culverts as they sometimes are like a food pump for fish and this one was no exception. The girls were there for some fine dining. 1st cast yielded a scrappy Black Bass and then EVERY cast was either a Pickerel or a Black Bass. All on the same fly, the Magic Head Ice Wing Streamer in Chartreuse!

Here’s my photos for that outing. NOT just fish porn either… Bought a new Lumix waterproof digital camera and had some fun with nature too!

Side note: There is a great deal of pride in little old me in my yak out fishing 2 guys with spinning rods and LIVE BAIT, $10.000 worth of boat and motor, out fishing them, oh… 15 TO 1 on a FIVE weight fly rod. Not too shabby!


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