Magic Head Ice Wing Streamer

Props to the following: Bob Dulian who taught me the winging technique and Marc Petitjean who is the originator of the Magic Head. This style of winging a fly is also known as a Hi Lo Tie and while it uses Barbell Eyes (which many think qualifies this as a Clouser, it is NOT tied like a Clouser at all) simply for weight to flip the fly “upside down”


  • Hook: Daiichi D2546 Stainless S/W hook #2 (Pickerel and #4 for Stripers and Smallmouth)
  • Thread: Danville Flat Wax Mono (white or gray)
  • Magic Head: Marc Petitjean Magic Head** Size R12 or PMR2
  • Barbell Eyes: Small non-toxic eyes (Nickel over brass is my first choice) NOT tungsten (too heavy and you will do a lot of weed picking)
  • Body/Wing: Chartreuse over Pearl White Ice Wing Fiber*
  • Gills: Red Ice Wing Fiber*

*Ice Wing Fiber is widely available in fly shops and is made by Hareline Dubbin of Oregon. This material comes ALIVE in the water. It does NOT need any other flash in the building of the fly as it flashes and shines in the water just as a real baitfish would.

**Magic Head is a creation by Marc Petitjean of Switzerland. Marc is a VERY innovative tyer and he has developed many excellent materials and tools for fly tying. Magic Head plays with the principle of Cavitation ( and causes the fly to “shimmy” from side to side. Drives Mr. Fishy WILD.

You may click on any image for a LARGER image.

Slip the Magic Head onto the hook, cup facing eye. DO NOT snug it up too close to the eye or it makes it hard to attach the fly to your tippet. LEAVE ROOM.

Tie in barbell eyes DIRECTLY behind and on top of the tie in area of the Magic Head. On TOP of the hook. The eyes will cause the fly to ride “upside down” which is great for weedy and rocky areas. KEEP THIS in mind when tying. The “Wing” is tied to the BOTTOM of the hook and the “Belly” on Top. Sally Hansen the Magic Head and Barbell tie in area.

Wind thread to the the POINT (no farther) and tie in Chart on top (which is actually the bottom-you will get used to this-remember, the fly rides upside down), and lock in.


Tie in White on bottom (again, this is really the top of the hook).

Keep moving forward, repeat alternating top/bottom, white/chart. until you ALMOST reach the Barbell Eyes. In other words, ONE application’s worth of room behind the barbell eyes.


When you think you are near the last application of Chartreuse tie in a VERY sparse bundle of Red Ice Wing Fiber on the bottom of the hook (again, these are reversed, so just make sure and tie in the red on the same side as the Chartreuse) and clip that at the bend. The very LAST color to be tied in in on the “bottom” is the Chart. Apply the final “wing” of Chart directly behind the barbell eyes and just a bit of the white on top. Make a small “head” and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails the thread wraps.

With a small comb or just as easy to use a dubbing needle, comb out the fibers. Do NOT use scissors, but use your thumb and forefinger to “pinch” and cut the overall length. Leave the Chart. more full and long than the white. Pinch off the white all along the bottom to create the “belly”. At this point you can make the fly as full or sparse as you would like.

This is tied as the fly will swim in the water, upside down, or hook point UP. This is a GREAT way to fish around weeds and rocks as it keeps you from hanging up.

NOTE: To use Ice Wing Fiber, tease a sparse bit from the package and roll into a loose ball of material by rubbing gently between both hands, like you were washing your hands. FOLD that ball over the thread and slide along thread to the desired tie in position. Take 2 wraps tight and in front and then wrap back over tie in to lock in.

Here is a typical amount of “teased out” Ice Wing Fiber”

Transfer the teased fibers it in one hand.

Using a “washing your hands” technique, roll it into a loose ball of material.



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