Pickerel on the Fly

This page was written BEFORE we ventured out in search of Pickerel. We have since invaded the Eastern Shore of MD and had a lot of fun with these angry fish! So please scroll down for the “pre-muble” and some photos and then click on the updates for OUR photos and experiences. Enjoy! I sure did!

Updated AGAIN 03/01/12 Went back again. Couldn’t resist 64 degrees and sunny, 1st day of March!

UPDATE 2/23/12 Click here or use the pull down menu above

Not sure if it’s going to happen or not, but my friend Pat and I have been thinking, nay, dreaming of getting the yaks out and fly fishing for Pickerel. There are some local gurus that do this sort of thing and it sounds interesting. The flies and the “inventors” thereof are simply patterns that have deep roots in fly fishing lore, which is most surprising to me that these “inventors” are claiming rights. If you go back and look at Keith Fulsher’s Thunder Creek flies it will once again prove that nothing is new under the sun.

Here is a photo (NOT my photo) of a fly caught pickerel:

I am sure that there are a number of flies that will do the job, many of the saltwater patterns already in my fly box, but the discussion of “bullet head” flies made me wonder and sit down at the vice. Many of the patterns call for Craft Fur (BORING) but I pulled out some Arctic Fox tails and some kid goat fur. One of my additions was to add a brass or tungsten bead under the bullet head to give it some sink. The first one you veteran fly boys will know as the Cardinale and the following is just a simple white and chartreuse. Both are tied on a #2 Saltwater hook.


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