The Arc6-B is here!

Brown just came to the door a while ago (UPS) and delivered my new Spector Arc6-B. I can’t thank Stuart enough for this AMAZING guitar. Like, yeah, as if I really need another guitar, but… We don’t have a Spector GUITAR hon, just basses! Photos on the bottom.

This one is a bit special in that, thanks to the folks at DiMarzio, there’s a pair of Nickel EJ Custom pickups Neck and Bridge. The story goes that these were made for Eric Johnson to fit in a hum bucking slot to give him that Gretsch twang out of his hum bucker equipped guitars.

Oh, need I mention… The VibraMate to which is mounted a USA Bigsby B5. The Twangmaster for the New Millennium.

Since this was a NAMM show guitar, it got played, MAN did it get played. The strings were shot. No worries, I had a plan anyway. Andrea from Dogal made me up some sets of Vintage Flatwound R67D in .010-.046″ with FLATWOUND D-A-E6. SWEET! Strung up and ready to go, I quickly headed into iMac land.




Here are some sound bites. (I did them pretty quick and I ain’t no Scott, so please bear with my playing). The drums are courtesy EZ Drummer and the bass is a CZ hand built P Bass with Nordstrand pickups and a Raven’s Lab P Bass Pre (try and find one of those on eBay!)/

Sleep Walk Neck Pickup through a Tweed

spec arc6 AAC

spec arc6 MP3

A CCR lick and some High Heeled Sneakers a la Todd (in 5 minutes or less) using the Bridge pickup. Drums are EZ Drummer Vintage Rock and Roll, same P bass. Me on the guitar and vocals. Bridge pickup through Model 1958 Marshall Combo (not the year the model) and some reverb and vibrato.

ccr and hh sneaks AAC

ccr and hh sneaks MP3

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