Guild JF30-12

This guitar wasn’t really a “project” but it was so beautiful I had to take a couple of photos and put it up here. See the bottom of the page for the Gallery.

I thought I remembered this as an F-212 and the Heavy Duty WAY too big model the F-212-XL Maple. But, this one is indeed a JF30-12 and it’s a killer guitar. Lotsa bass for a mini-Jumbo, bright clear highs (but you knew that) and much better construction than I have seen on a Guild in some time. I always LOVED these guitars (I had a 1971 D-40 that I was an IDIOT to sell at the time but, as always, I needed the money more than the guitar).

Here is a little sound bite from the completed guitar. NO EQ, NO FX, just a Brickwall Limiter to bring it up to level. I used a Marshall MXL 603 (kinda generic) small diaphragm condenser with upgraded caps (to WIMA-really good stuff!) about 6″ away and 2″ up from the sound hole. there is both an AAC file (for the tragically hip) and an mp3 (that’s just so 2006!). Click on file name to listen. I left the tail on this recording so you could hear the sustain of this thing. GORGEOUS!!! Listen to the end.

Guild J30-12 AAC

Guild J30-12 MP3

And lest my son get down on me for such simplistic recording technique, I have also included a mid side using the same Marshall MXL for the mid and an Apex (again this is a very generic mic) Tube 460 with a Eastern European 12AT7 in place of the 12AX7 China and the output transformer has been heavily upgraded to the Cinemag CM-2480. No mods to the board. The 2 mics were place in mid/side configuration. the Apex set to Figure 8 mono. The Side was duplicated and phase inverted and clutched to the original Side and blended with the MXL front mono till I liked it.

Guild Mid Side AAC

Guild Mid Side MP3

This belongs to a friend who asked me to get rid of some buzzing and restring. Seems the buzzing was from a worn saddle. A bit of sandpaper and that was all it needed. A slight tweak to the truss rod(s), there are two, and ready to go.

When I went to polish it for the road test, I noticed some black marks on the beautiful back that could NOT go un-removed. A dollop of scratch remover and some carnauba wax and it’s as good as new. In fact this guitar LOOKS NEW! Plays great too.

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