Messin With The Kid

I have memories of playing bass with Toby Walker about 30 years ago with his “Blues Band”. Hadn’t heard the song in ages and it sparked me enough to do my own version. That in and of itself is a misnomer as you can really do your “own version” due to the classic nature and form of the tune. Somewhere in this basement is VINYL of Toby doing that song (using his REAL name of course). I will try and hunt that down and post it.

Messin With The Kid

Messin With The Kid MP3

Attributed to Junior Wells, who first recorded it, but more of a collaboration between him and Mel London.¬†’_with_the_Kid

I did drum programming/editing and all instruments/vocal. The lead guitar solo is of course my brother Scott. The very funky sounding bass is a Spector NS-2H with a MM EMG in the bridge position (I think Stuart still offers this as an option). It growls like crazy but also barks like a mean dog. Takes a lot of effort to control this beast but it’s worth it cause it’s so damn much fun to play AND look at! I will get a photo up here in a bit.

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