The Azalea Debacle

To quote my brother: “One time I had a guitar pickup that was laying around and spend close to $400 building a guitar around it.” I hear ya bro. I shoulda just bought a guitar! This was recorded in Logic using a Logic AC30 Virtual Amp setting. Note how well the Floyd stays in tune. Once the strings break in it should be better.

Azalea Gtr

Got this piece of crap together. It’s an AZALEA! Ooooooh.

Not finished dressing it out. Frets need some work. But at least here’s an mp3. Because it’s a damn 24 fret, the 2 & 4 settings don’t really sound very strat like. They are too close together. Someone should hang that Jackson/Charvel idiot that decided that 24 fret guitars are worth anything. They’re NOT.

  1. Had to buy the body caused it looked cool and I wanted to build something with 3 pickups!
  2. Then I found out it was a 24 fret body so I had to buy a neck that would fit. Only thing I found was an Azalea neck!
  3. Once I got the body and neck fitted, I realized that I was either going to have to buy a neck plate or fill the holes and redrill for stock Fender. Found a guy who had a neck plate but it has some rust on it. Fudge.
  4. Bought a “Licensed Floyd Rose” trem system from Hong Kong. Well, it’s ALMOST working. I had to build .010 shims out of brass shim stock to fit under the saddles to get the radius anywhere NEAR matching the fingerboard. Lost a DAMN saddle insert for the bridge and had to ask a buddy of mine for something. Turns out there are TWO different types. Luckily he sent both so I was OK.
  5. Once I got thingskinda ready for assembly, I discovered that the rout for the trem on the body was for a Fumigogootz Trem system and the Floyd wasn’t clearing the rout, so I had to Dremel, mask and flat black the pocket.
  6. Had to oil and thread, unthread, and thread ALL of the screws so that the powder coat was a little “broken in” as screws wouldn’t turn.
  7. ALL Floyd stuff doesn’t use wrenches that make any sense. Some metric. Some are SAE??
  8. Neck and middle pickups are from Hong Kong “BK Single Coil Guitar Pickups pick-Up For fender Strat” for $13.99 WITH shipping for 3 pickups. I used the neck up top, the bridge in the middle.
  9. Bridge pickup is a WD Made in China “Humbucker High Output Pickup Closed” in black. $60 retail
  10. The neck came with the locking nut but in chrome.
  11. Had some trem springs lying around, pickup bezel and screws, neck screws.
  12. Got an incredible deal on some Bournes 500K audio pots and I am using a .02uF BIG 600V Orange Drop Sprague cap for tone.
  13. Big ole WD Brass knobs w/set screw for USA 1/4″ shaft (for the Bournes)
  14. Oak 5 way switch
  15. Tuners are WD mini cheapos.
  16. Switchcraft output jack.
  17. I didn’t have to buy strap buttons. YAY!!!

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