The Legend

OK, so here’s how the “Legend” goes. I have NO idea of the time-line or accuracy of ANY of these statements but it’s a great story and the sources from which I gather this information are reliable and credible, so I like it and I choose to believe it. As I said, it’s a LEGEND not altogether non-fiction. More like a fact based novel, based on real characters.

Vacationing in Venice, a very well known bass player was strolling the streets. See, in Venice you either “stroll the streets”, ride in a boat, or swim. Outside of a small building hung a sign: Dogal Corde Armoniche (literally “Harmonic Strings” or Musical Strings). The curious bassist entered a small shop abuzz with string making, paperwork, emptied espresso cups and the string makers of Dogal. The Padrone (the current boss’s father in law) welcomed his guest and a very passionate discussion about flat wound bass strings and what COULD be great but just doesn’t exist. To a proud Italian maker of fine musical strings that is not commentary but a CHALLENGE.

So… a set of strings was made that had the smoothness of glass, big and fat low end, amazing highs almost like a round wound, harmonics all over the fretboard, and the flexibility of a high end, top shelf, rope core Cello string.

Upon receiving the strings, the bassist rejoiced! A short time later, he lost his life in a brawl. Music and the world will forever lament the loss of this creative pioneer. That was the end of any possible business connection (which had certainly been discussed) but not the end of the string.¬†Evolution e Jaco is an homage to the player and his playing and the ultimate string he so excitedly imagined back at the Dogal factory that day. They have existed under the radar but they are showing up on Bass Forums everywhere, talk amongst players, and a general “back to old-school” movement in bass playing. Bass players and bass player “speak” is unlike any other language in that you can hear the name Jamerson in the same paragraph as Wooten.

DISCLAIMER: This “Legend” does not in any way shape or form indicate or imply any personal or business association with anyone living or deceased.

So, I give you The Legend of¬†Evolution e Jaco. This string is Dogal’s homage to a player who left his mark of excellence and Dogal’s small way of honoring the legend of the man.


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