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Evolution e Jaco The Legend

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I wish I could just put one in your hands so you could FEEL the quality in this string. Flexible! Compared to ALL OTHER flat wound bass strings out there, these are more like so many feet of yarn than carbon and steel windings. For a REALLY HIGH RES scan of a .105″ E string, click HERE or on the RED package shown here.

The principal advantage that every Dogal Dogal Evolution e Jaco (and most Dogal strings) is that, thanks to the round core (as opposed to the more common “hex” core used in most bass strings made today), the tension of the string is considerably lower compared to those of the competition. The result is a remarkably reduced stress both on the instrument’s structure (the neck and its truss rod) and on the string itself.

IMPORTANT: In many cases when changing set-up on any given bass from Brand XYZ ROUND wound to Evolution e Jaco Flatwound in the same gauges (let’s say .045-.105″), I have NOT had to adjust the truss rod! On 2 of my own basses (and many of our customers’ basses) I have installed .055-.115″ Evolution e Jaco in place of .045-.105″ round wounds and only had to tighten the truss rod a very small amount! The result is a VERY FAT sound, big low end, harmonics, unbelievable sustain, response and power.

OK, I appreciate knowing all of this great stuff, but WHY are they so EXPENSIVE?

YES, they are probably THE single most expensive bass string I have ever used. KNOW WHAT? They are also THE single most expensive bass string ANY of my customers have ever used! BUT… they keep on buying them. The expression “they last forever” is something I hear in person at guitar shows and see in emails and on the forums.

That’s an easy one. I have been to the factory in Italy and when I say these are “handmade strings”, I can state unequivocally that these are MORE handmade than any factory I have seen and I have been to SEVERAL guitar string (and viol) factories and these strings are made very differently than any string I have ever seen, bought, or used:

  1. Dogal strings are created at a pace that I would estimate to be 50% slower than any factory I have seen
  2. In DEEP discussions with the creator and makers of Dogal strings, it is also very much about the raw ingredients used to make the strings. Unique proprietary alloys not available to ANYONE in joint ventures with metal foundries around the world, unique core materials, and specific winding techniques
  3. Design, listening, playing, re-design, more playing… the kind of “old school” design and quality of build that we just don’t get to see anymore is alive and well at Dogal
  4. Pride in workmanship. Each string is a work of art in and of itself. I have watched the string makers craft strings, one at a time, with all of the expertise, love, and patience due a product of such high quality and importance to the musician.

FACT: The Evolution e Jaco Flatwounds have AMAZINGLY LESS tension than ANY flat wound I have ever used, be it from USA, Germany (2 of the better known factories), and especially the ones that come from the UK!

BUT: Bigger, fatter TONE!


Using a round core allows for tuning to same pitch as a hex core string with LESS tension. As important, the round core eliminates “air space” which would otherwise give moisture and oxidant elements a place to live between the spires of the winding and the core. See the dark areas in the image below surrounding the hex core windings. Obviously: In a magnetic field: AIR=No Sound.
This not only allows the string itself to LAST longer, but Evolution e Jaco is the ONLY flat wound string that offers:

  1. Sustain increased by up to and, in some cases, beyond 40%
  2. Stable dynamics across the entire range
  3. Perfect intonation throughout the fretboard
  4. Cleaner tone and faster response
  5. Brilliance yet DEEP resonance with excellent HARMONICS!

It would probably take less time yet be just as true to simply state that the characteristics of Evolution e Jaco and ALL Dogal round core strings assure ease of playability, great tone, and incredibly long string life.


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