NAMM Winter 2012

NAMM Report

Not much to report actually. Had a couple of very interesting meetings. Had one very good interview that I am feeling good about that I hope brings about a new “path”. Will keep you updated.

Where NOT to stay when you’re at NAMM:

The Hot Pepper Tree Hotel in Stanton. If the Way Back Machine could have taken me back to 1972, this would have been lovely. But here is 2012, time has taken it’s toll and the Hot Pepper Tree has run ins useful course. Really funnier than the photos I am about to show you is the greasy windowed restaurant adjoining that NEVER saw a customer the entire time I was there. EVEN on Saturday night which, the 8.5 x 11″ ‘poster’ refers to as “Karaoke Night” 9-1. I got back around 11 and NO ONE in the place. Sad.

Here’s the custom floor moulding where the room meets the kitchen (custom?):

And THE BEST part was that Disney-like Southern Cali View:

BEST of show was a tie. Fun times, lots of good eats and great hang at Barry Andrews’ house. His wife Dosie (I am probably spelling that wrong) is the Hostess Ultima!! And no, I didn’t get lost. The one thing I loved about Barry’s house is that it’s so palatial, you COULD get lost just finding the front door! Oh, that and my house doesn’t have ANOTHER house in the back yard!

Tied for 1st place was dinner at Royal Capital Seafood on Saturday eve with Stuart, PJ, John the Baker, and Jimmy from Spector, Dave Boonshoft of Aguilar, the Holland crew, Lorenzo from Klein Guitars (way cool) and me. BEST Chinese food ever, especially considering that it was prepared and served by Vietnamese. Global Village! Great company. It was great to catch up with Lorenzo and compare recent “I am getting to old for this stuff” maladies!

Other foodie experiences:

Cham Soot Gol. Really good Korean all you can eat BBQ. Stuart was disappointed at the lack of seafood but the meat was excellent as were all of the traditional sides:




What trip to Anaheim is complete without a visit to Los Sanchez (sorry you couldn’t be there Nick). My first stop on the way to the hotel from the airport.



Just your average Super Carnitas Nachos!:

Of┬áspecial note (and excitement to me) is my NEW GUITAR (like I need more guitars?). It’s a Spector ARC-6B bolt on with DiMarzio EJ’s (very Filtertron-ish), Vibra-Mate and Bigsby. Thank you Stuart, Jimmy, et at, for the killer instrument! Will upload some mp3’s and more jpgs when it get here from the show.


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