Gretsch is DONE!

What a long strange trip it’s been. And what PRICES people charge for these dang parts!

Here was a dilemma: Put Filtertrons (the owner needed the output and quiet of a more modern, yet Gretschy pickup) on a Tennessean that apparently came with Hi Lo Trons (and it also would seem that the neck set was intended to accommodate the lower height of Hi Lo’s). Once the pickups were in, the height adjuster screws on the Filter Trons didn’t leave any clearance to get the action anywhere near decent.

So… hmm… where can we find steel alloy studs 6-32 x 1″ that will sound OK? eBay BABY!

Here’s an original pickup with the massively headed screws (almost 3/16″ high!):







Here’s the mod with the alloy hex studs. PERFECTO!:











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