Progress Slow But Sure…

Filled and buffed most of the scuffs and scratches that were enough to bug me. Most of the electronics are back to original Gretsch specs down to the knurled metal tips on the toggle switches, Gretsch original pickups. Original Gretsch knobs and original, for better or worse, Gretsch wiring scheme. Screws seem to be the hardest part of my life with this guitar. More on that in a bit. Here’s how it’s looking so far:

Gretsch Body

Frets have been leveled, crowned, de-funked, and polished (they were badly tarnished and the fret ends were not dressed properly and while the upper frets were leveled, they were never crowned). New nut is in. Tailpiece was removed entirely, screw holes back filled with birch dowel and re-drilled. Alignment of neck to bridge, body and tailpiece seems excellent.

Gretsch Frets after leveling, crowning and polishing.

Now the only big problem, over which I have since triumphed, is pickup studs (height adjuster screws). Seems that the neck on this guitar was reset, POORLY, and the original pickups with the original studs will NOT allow enough clearance to get the action nice and low. So… we are going to pull ALL 24 studs and replace them with steel alloy, black oxide coated, mil spec set screws. OK, it ain’t stock but the alternative is either removing the neck or tunneling through the top and braces, NOPE. By eliminating those obnoxiously large heads on the Gretsch screws, it will give us lots of clearance. Interested to hear what it sounds like. Not that worried about tone as the Gretsch screws had very little iron in the steel and weren’t very magnetic.

You can see there's no room at the inn.



Black oxide set screws will replace originals

So, we are waiting for pickup height studs, pickup mounting screws, and the black vinyl sheet I need to fabricate a compartment/cavity cover to replace the jigsaw special on the back.


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