Single Coil in Wolves’ Clothing

Help me out with this. I am taking votes. I say the numbers are backwards. The manufacturer says I am full of potting wax. This particular manufacturer builds PAF style hum buckers which are lovely and they build a single coil in a hum bucker housing.

It looks to me like the D.C. Resistance and the Resonance are BACKWARDS?

As a rule, I have found that, usually, the higher the resonance, the brighter or thinner the pickup. Conversely, the lower the resonance the more mids to low mids and the darker or more ‘grunt’ out of the pickup. Also, as a rule, I have found that the higher the D.C. resistance in Kohms, the more output a pickup has. All of the above as it applies to passive pickups.

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PAF Neck PAF Neck
D.C. Resistance in Kohm 7.5
Resonance in KHz 7.5

Single HB Case Neck SChBNeck
D.C. Resistance in Kohm 10.0
Resonance in KHz 5.9

PAF Bridge PAF Bridge
D.C. Resistance in Kohm 8.0
Resonance in KHz 7.2

Single HB Case Bridge SChBBridge
D.C. Resistance in Kohm 11.5
Resonance in KHz 5.7

PAF Both Pickups PAF Both

Single HB Case Both SChBBoth

Please email me and place your vote. Are these numbers wrong? Or… Are these numbers correct, I am an idiot and everything I have learned is wrong?

Thanks for your assistance.




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