Not A Christmas Song (2011)

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Not A Christmas Song

This is by my favorite artist Chet Reneson. you can see more of his work by visiting

Every year for the past 6-7 I have written a Christmas Song. Since some of the recipients are perhaps bored with my self indulgence or just tired of hearing my voice, I have written a Not A Christmas Song which, I hope, will appeal especially to my fish cronies at this too darn cold time of year! Click on the title below to listen. It’s at the bottom of the page…
Words and Music, Todd L. McCagg 2011

All vocals, bass guitar, rhythm guitar*, drum programming**, tracking, engineering, mixing and mastering: Todd McCagg

Guitar Solo and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” harmonics: Scott McCagg

*This was played on a very custom Fender Squire Strat that was a birthday present from my brother. Replete with custom pick guard, loaded with Kent Armstrong single coils. Tweaked, fret work and setup by my brother Scott as well.

**I use DrumCore by Submersible for most of the drum tracks. Sly Dunbar on Kit and Luis Conte on Percussion. Can’t get much better than that. Well, except if you had, say, Danny Seraphine to come to your house and jam!

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