SG Bigsby Project

Still a work in progress but coming along nicely. Duh… I forgot to photo the original but I think everyone knows what an SG looks like. The exception to the photo (stock) below, the guitar I purchased has Chrome Grover Rotomatics. I bought it used and in very good shape from a gent in Baltimore.

So here it is with the VibroMate and Bigsby added (scroll to bottom for sound bite):

For more information on VibraMate and where to purchase:

For more information on Bigsby Vibratos and where to purchase:

OK, not even sure if this is the right key, but I wanted to lay something down quickly (lots honey-do’s today) so here’s Sleep Walk. Bridge and Neck for Rhythm, Neck only for melody, both through a Tweed with lots of reverb. P Bass with Dogal Flatwounds and a Pick through a Dual Showman. Enjoy.

I will post phase 2 when the pickups arrive. That is… if I can decide which ones to get?

Sleep Walk SG


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