1951 Fender Precision Bass Replica

HAD to build this. I had a 72 Tele bass that played great but the pickups were AWFUL. After adding a bridge pickup, I still wasn’t happy, so sold it, all those years ago. After Duck Dunn’s passing, I felt COMPELLED to build a 1951 for myself.

ALMOST DONE! Only missing the knobs, which I’m picking up at WD in a few minutes. Here’s a down and dirty FAST recording of the bass with some Apple Loops to make it not boring.








Thanks to Steve Dollinger at Music Solutions for All Parts neck (Japan NOT China) and body (body came prefin Butter Blonde from All Parts and I did the neck in a vintage stain and TruOil). Thanks also to Kevin Moore at KSM for the Foundation Bridge. Thank you Jason from Hipshot. LOVE Ultralights and now with LOLLYPOP machine buttons. Thanks also to David Herring from Seaford Music in DE for the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Hum Canceling 1951 P. Last but certainly NOT LEAST is Larry and Wendy from WD Pickguards for the AWESOME Bakelite P/G and various parts. Strung with Thomastik Flatwounds super long scale.