Nowhere Man

Haven’t shared any music here in quite a while. This was recorded YEARS ago in my basement, pre 2009 I believe. I did a fairly lame mix down and put it up somewhere (maybe). An homage to one of my all time fave groups and all time fave song of theirs. So simply but complex in how you look at mixing it down. So many possibilities. Sir George Martin was an amazing engineer with an amazing pair of ears. Here for your perusal, is Nowhere Man. I’m playing all instruments, singing all vocals, and programmed the drum track. Hope you like it!

Instruments used:

  • Spector NS4H bass
  • Seagull acoustic, mic’d
  • Jerry Jones 12 String
  • Drums: DrumCore

Recorded originally with Sonar on PC and the files were shuttled to the iMac for mixing/mastering on Logic Pro X. Some of the tricks of the trade”

The bass was put into a bass amp “model” via a Logic Plug In which is meant to simulate an old Ampeg B15

The Jerry Jones 12 was also put into a guitar amp model meant to simulate a Vox AC30. Using some of George Martin’s bag of tricks, like an virtual old timey compressor. Used the amps reverb cause it has that sproing-ey reverb sound.  A little grit on the treble really brings it forward in the mix.

Vocals were run through an app called Nectar which takes care of compression, EQ, and shaping.