Born Today

Christmas 2013… Born Today-Words and Music by Todd L. McCagg 2013


For a myriad of reasons, it was not easy for me to write a new Christmas Song for 2013. I saw an interesting interview 12/23/13 on the CBS Morning Show. Charlie Rose was interviewing Billy Joel. I won’t bore you with the details, but Charlie asked Billy Joel why he didn’t do a lot of writing pop music over these past 20 years. Billy Joel said it’s not a matter of doing it or not doing it, you can’t so much MAKE yourself do it, you have to WANT to do it. I guess the smell of Christmas cookies baking this weekend, the sound of scissors cutting through wrapping paper, and the fact that Louise and I were just able to “hang out” together over the past couple of days, has made me WANT to do it. So, here it is. That’s young Nick McCagg on the lead guitar solo. For notes on how it was recorded, etc. just go to the bottom of the page.

Here is the mp3 version (about 4MB faster download):

Born Today Final

Here is the AAC file (about 8MB better quality audio):

Born Today Final

Words and music are by me. I played both rhythm acoustic guitars, bass guitar, lead and backing vocals, percussion and arranging. It was recorded using an Apogee Ensemble as my A/D, iMac using Logic Pro X software. Drum software thanks to the GREAT people at ToonTrack. I have been using their EZ Drummer and the drums are from the Nashville Pack. The audio mic is an Apex 420 that has been heavily modified as well as has the power supply. Acoustic guitar was direct. It’s a Simon and Patrick mini jumbo cedar top with a B Band (I love B Band’s pickup system) and NO microphone. I almost feel guilty about how easy it was. The big bass sound was a Spector Bass (THANKS STUART) for building me this incredible instrument (photo and info here:  recorded direct with just a bit of compression, THAT’S IT! Nick played his solo on a Spector ARC6-B (Thanks again to Stuart Spector for building such amazing instruments) and info is here: . This was also recorded direct into Logic X and used the Logic’s built in virtual guitar amplifier and effects.


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