Can It Be

Can It Be The MP3

Can It Be The AAC file.

Words and Music Todd L. McCagg 2011

For now, let’s just say I don’t remember a lot about doing this tune. I do remember that the vicious guitar work is my brother Scott and the killer B3 is Dr. Stephen Lay. Will put up more info as I remember it…

Drum programming, rhythm guitars, bass guitar, all vocals, all tracking, engineering, and mastering Todd McCagg. Incredible guitar solo Scott McCagg, B3 key solo Dr. Stephen Lay, all tracking, engineering, and mastering Todd McCagg.

I can tell you that my son Nick thought it a bit “Rocky” for the old man. Guess he forgot I learned to play bass and gigged from the 1960’s thru present. Some memories still linger amongst the cobwebs.



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