SX Shorty Bass

This was brought in for repair, mod, and basic setup. Client wanted upgraded pickups and electronics, and flatwound strings (I recommended and he supplied Pyramids).

After discussing several options, the client wisely decided on Tesla VR-B3 P Bass replacement pickup. VERY vintage, clean tone, and hey, how much more vintage can you get that CLOTH WIRE (cool!)? For potentiometers we went with 500K CGE from WD, output jack by Switchcraft, and a wicked cool Sprague Orange Drop .02 for the tone cap (yeah, I know, overkill, but once it’s open and the soldering iron is hot, why not?).

I would have given you a before and after audio clip, but it wasn’t working when it arrived, so here is the “after”:

SX Shorty¬†MP3 file Click to play. First with the tone pot “open” and then “closed down”. .02 Sprague Orange Drop SWEET. JJ would be proud.

Here’s the photos (click on an thumbnail for larger image, Please use your browsers “Back” button to return to this page):


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