The Popular One

Popular This is the MP3 version

Popular This is the AAC version which should give you and idea of the quality difference.

Lyrics and Concept: Louise McCagg 2011
Music: Todd L. McCagg 2011

Here’s a new tune from the Basement Collection. I had finger surgery on the middle finger on the LH at the beginning of April 2011. The tracking was pre-surgery and 2 days off with nothing more to do but head for the basement, I had plenty of time for mixing and mastering. Thanks Stephen for the wonderful additions to the song.

Accordion Intro and Interlude: Todd L McCagg
Accordion Solo and Piano: Stephen Lay
Bass, Drum Programming, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocal, Tracking, Mixing and Mastering: Todd L McCagg

Louise had sent me these lyrics a few weeks ago and the only direction that I received was “Country”. So, I don’t know if this is Country or what country you might consider this to be… But, in any event, here is what I had in my heart/head. I have included both AAC and MP3. The AAC is of better quality but the Win-dohs folks might have an easier time playing the MP3.

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