Response to The Pacesetters

This is from my good friend Kevin Jarvis of No. Cal.. Kevin is one of those guitar players that… Well, the younger guys I record and do guitar tech work for, always ask who MY favorite guitarist is? Well, it’s probably my brother Scott. If I had to go on… WAY before the names everyone throws out there, would be Nick D’Allessandro, my original bass instructor in the mid 1960’s, Kevin Jarvis, Norm Good and from there would be some more famous names like: Robben Ford, Jimi, EARLY Clapton (new stuff sucks), Wes Montgomery, but it’s a long list and Dave Matthews and John Mayer (or as I call them Dave Mayer and John Matthews) are NOT on that list. Not even a B side, sorry.
Anyway, a response from Kevin:

That is a friggin’ rippin’ guitar solo for that era………my my.
I was but a freshman pup studying under Ken Brown, who was the school’s badest guitar player.  I played rhythm so solid in my lessons that he asked me to join the band.  They were juniors and seniors, the New Interns….complete with doctor intern clothes.  The drummer, Al Schneider, had to pick me up and take me home from every gig so my Mom would let me go play.  Like you say, I just stood there and strummed breaking a dozen Fender thin picks a night, all the while watching and studying that lead stuff and the next day practicing away in my bedroom………….a closet lead player.  I broke out in my sophomore year and got my own rhythm player and the rest is history……
……ah, as you say, give me a glass of wine and it starts rollin…………next year buddy!